Porsche 911 GT3 Simulator

One of the most advanced machines that can be found on the Polish market. The movable platform based on servomotors and gears provides players with a unique experience.

The simulator has excellent dynamic properties and representation of motion. In this machine you can really feel like in a racing car speeding on the track.

The driver will feel every bump, turn or slip of the axle. The simulator provides the unique driving experience.

Full personalization option

The entire car and the platform on which it stands can be freely personalized according to the customer’s need.

Visualization of personalization examples

Platform simulator (driving simulator or VR simulator)

The simulator allows playing games and using VR applications on a mobile platform.

Security. Reliability. Solidity.

The traffic system has been designed based on a number of strict rules and regulations, because your safety and health are the most important for us. Dedicated software and the use of top-quality components make our solutions solid and reliable.

The motion system moves your body, changing the position of your head in the world of virtual reality. VR HeadWay technology eliminates changes of position caused directly by the motion platform.

Symulatory umożlwiają prowadzenie rozgrywek sieciowych równocześnie na dwóch symulatorach.

X-Race hydraulic simulators

The solutions offered by us are characterized by a unique appearance; thanks to the well-considered design, each of the X-Race simulators offers the possibility of presenting company logos from all sides. The software used allows modifications of vehicles and tracks used during the virtual games into the company colours.

Two (or more) simulators offer the possibility of direct competition in a virtual race.


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